Darwis Triadi

Darwis Triadi

Being a long term user of Olympus products, I have come to appreciate the sophistication and marriage between camera body and lens that Olympus seems to time and time again impress with. The original OM series was a stunning tool to use and their modern digital iterations are no different.

Obviously there are tangible performance differences between the E-M1 and the E-M1 Mark II. However, it’s the subtle changes that show that Olympus is trying to ensure that this product was designed specifically with the professional in mind.

Whilst I appreciate the overall smaller size of the Olympus system, the E-M1 Mark II’s slightly larger, better-contoured grip allows for a more secure handhold. The portrait grip also feels steady and secure.

From the time I got to spend with the camera, I noticed subtle differences in the color science. As confusing as this sounds, the new TruePic processor delivers imagery that appears slightly more vivid and yet, still very natural.

Another subtle difference that I appreciate is how much more powerful the new processor is – simple things like playback and scrolling through your images in playback is extremely quick, and often these small things are taken for granted.

The Art Filters provide me with an instant outlet to be creative on the fly. I occasionally choose to use the art filters to further enhance the stories that I try to tell through my photography.

Darwis Triadi

Darwis Triadi


When it comes to Indonesian fashion and beauty no one is more well known than Darwis Triadi. Spanning a photographic career of over 35 years, Triadi's photographic excellence has seen him featured internationally in titles such as Vogue and Black & White Magazine, amongst others. Triadi has shot many prominent figures spanning from Indonesian royalty, to celebrities as well as prominent world leaders.