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Tomoko Hidaki

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Tomoko HidakiJapan

Photographer and member of the Japan Stage Photographers Society, Hidaki is from Tokyo, but spent time in Boston, USA in her younger years. She is an official photographer for various magazines, stage performances and music festivals, and her work encompasses artist photos and promotional materials for performances. She is currently taking photographs of business people as well as those for business advertisements and pamphlets.

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Pianist Takane Ichikawa studied in Paris, and exudes a bright, intelligent air of a free-spirited nation. Her energy and passion while performing onstage clearly comes through to the camera. I set the shutter to silent mode and got as close to the piano keys as possible, aiming for a shot that captures the movement of her fingers and how she takes breaths.

Entranced by the beauty of cellist Gen Yokosaka's arm movements and soft expression, I asked if I could photograph him. Conentrating on his bowing, Yokosaka opens and closes his eyes while playing in a relaxed state as if singing a song, and never leaves that state until you call his name. I used silent mode for this shoot as well.

Sword dancer Kaori Kawabuchi is extremely dynamic on stage -- an artist that can be both fierce and soft. Although we had planned on photographing her sword dance only at first, her movements without a sword were beautiful, so I photographed a variety of styles. I was able to confirm how the OM-D E-M1 Mark II responded to her sharp, quick movements over and over again.

The most revolutionary feature is the AF Targeting Pad. The traditional button style camera sometimes cannot keep up with subjects that move around the stage in a whirlpool of light, making it necessary to give up on a number of opportunities. The AF Targeting Pad lets you instantly move the focus target position.

OM-D E-M1 Mark II

OM-D E-M1 Mark II

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