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Thomas Leuthard

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Thomas LeuthardSwitzerland

Thomas Leuthard is a passionate street photographer based in the heart of Switzerland. He travels to the big cities of this world to witness and document life on the street. He currently works with the Olympus OM-D camera to capture the essence of the ordinary life happening in public. For him, the camera is a black box capturing the moment seen by his eyes. "There are more important questions in street photography than asking about what gear we are using. It’s all about vision and creativity."

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For me a dream comes true. I can finally shoot and instantly publish my photos from wherever I am. I don’t have to post-process my photos anymore. The new profiles give me the freedom to remain independent of a computer. I just need a WiFi connection to upload my photos.
My favourite settings are of course monochrome with a very high contrast. I also love a strong vignette, but I don’t like grain. So I just boost the highlights, lower the shadows and add maximum vignetting. That’s it. Let’s shoot, transfer and publish right on the spot.

OM-D E-M5 Mark III


The beautifully-crafted PEN-F is ideal for street shooters, as a second camera for studio pros, and for anyone who loves vintage design and photography.

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