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Takehiko Nakafuji

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Takehiko NakafujiJapan

Born in Tokyo, 1970. Left Waseda University to pursue a photographic education. Graduated from the Tokyo School of Visual Arts in 1994. Received the Higashikawa Distinguished Photographer Award in 2013 and the Tadahiko Hayashi award in 2015. Published monographs include Night Crawler, STREET RAMBLER, and White Noise.

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Attaching the new 25mm F1.2 PRO lens to my trusty Olympus PEN-F gives the compact and light camera an intense, aggressive look. The large glass surface and confident build of the lens are out to capture every bit of light possibly available.

Gear in hand, I went to Paris to capture monochrome nightscapes. The merits of a large-diameter lens proved their worth in the low light conditions of shooting nightscapes. Not only is the shutter speed sufficient for hand-held shooting at maximum aperture, but the smooth defocusing effects lend a luster to the nighttime streetlights and moonlight. Combined with the outstanding monochrome profiles on the PEN-F, I believe I was able to capture the unique lyrical qualities that permeate the Paris night.

When talking of Paris at night, the masterworks of Brassai from the 1930s come to mind. To pay my respect, I went on a pilgrimage to his resting place in Montparnasse Cemetery before heading out to snap some photos. The classic way Paris looks remains virtually unchanged from Brassai's photos. While respecting the works of my esteemed predecessor, I set out to capture the current look of Paris eighty years later in my own style, using the latest digital camera and lens. It was a magical experience that felt like bridging a gap in time and space.

M.Zuiko Digital ED 25mm F1.2 PRO

M.Zuiko Digital ED 25mm F1.2 PRO

50mm (35mm equivalent)
A large-diameter standard lens with lavish use of special lenses

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