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Shiro Hagihara

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Shiro HagiharaJapan

Born in Kofu city, Yamanashi Prefecture, in 1959. After graduating from Nihon University, Mr Hagihara began working on the launch of "Quarterly (*Now a bimonthly publication) Landscape Photography" at New Japan Planning, where he gained experience as editor-in-chief and publisher. After leaving the company he moved on to become a freelance landscape photographer and, currently is active in both writing and photography, focusing mainly on the natural environment. His diverse works includes the eight-issue series "Seasonal Landscape Photography" (from Nippon Camera), "Approaches to Decisions on Composition", "Landscape Photography Techniques for Processing from RAW Files", "Natural Landscape Photography - 60 Absolute Rules for Improving", "Learn to Use Light, Shape, and Color from the Basics", "A Guide to Landscape Photography" (all from Genkosha Co.), and many others. Hagihara is an instructor at Olympus Digital College, and is on the selection committee for the Camera Grand Prix. He is vice chairman for the Japan Scenery Photographers Association (JSPA).

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Landscape photography cannot be successful without acknowledging its link to vegetation. It takes both a leading a supporting roles as important compositional element in a landscape. If you extend this concept further and consider the fact that it nurtures the world and allow us to live and breathe, we should be actively engaged in the preservation of vegetation. Even the bushes found in out-of-the-way corners of cities can be captured beautifully if you train your eye to photograph them. In this work I focused on a passion of mine, trees in vast landscapes. Sometimes your encounters with nature can be fleeting and sometimes you may spend a long time I the landscape.

For a photographer to only spend a brief moment in an environment photographing their subject, you may wonder if they are able to capture the image they desire. For this assignment I was able to capture the fleeting glimpse of beauty and truth that I desired, as the location I chose had both long and fleeting encounters.

With the OM-D E-M1X in hand, I set of a place I know well, aiming to see what I could find through the lens. In the briefest encounters with a subject, I found the E-M1X a true partner that I can rely on. Even in challenging situations I had seen many times before, the E-M1X never failed to deliver a perfect shot of the environment. I was left with a sense of the true power of what happens when a person and camera act as one.

Of the many functions the E-M1X is equipped with, I am most drawn to three; the powerful image stabilisation, High Res Shot and Live ND. The integrated vertical grip of the E-M1X delivers extreme reliability. Mastering these three functions will lift the world I seek to capture to new heights. I can't wait to start my journey with the new E-M1X.



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