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Kazuo Unno

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Kazuo UnnoJapan

Born in Tokyo in 1947, Unno set out to travel the tropical rainforests of the world after graduating from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. While continuing environmental photography based in Komoro, Nagano, he is still actively involved in photographing insects in tropical rainforests. His Komoro Diary which can be seen from the Kazuo Unno's Insects World of Digital webpage has been updated daily since 1999. He is the chairman for the Japan Society of Scientific Photography.

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I took the new OM-D E-M1 Mark II to Malaysia to photograph insects for 20 days. I found the E-M1 Mark II very satisfying. This trip proved to me that this camera is the ultimate piece of equipment for insect photography with the Focus Stacking feature, which is essential for small subjects, and Pro Capture, which accurately captures the flight of a butterfly.

I had to work very hard to capture scenes of butterflies flying in the past, but now I can get the shot exactly as I want it. I believe the reason I was able to capture this butterfly in flight for the first time ever is due to Pro Capture Mode. The amazing improvements to distortion correction on the electronic shutter and maximum 60-fps Pro Capture provided a satisfying level of performance for capturing the butterfly in flight. The faster sequential shooting speed of the electronic shutter made Focus Stacking extremely easy. A shorter length of time for a single shoot dramatically improved my chances of capturing a successful photo. The shorter time frame compared to the E-M1 makes it possible to capture wonderfully detailed photos if the subject doesn't move, making this a great camera for outdoor handheld shooting.

It is also wonderful to see more PRO lenses that are compatible with Focus Stacking. I believe the 8mm F1.8 Fisheye PRO along with Focus Stacking will open new frontiers. The joy of shooting is expanded infinitely with the new STF-8 Macro Flash and 10-fps sequential shooting speed of the FL-900R.

OM-D E-M1 Mark II

OM-D E-M1 Mark II

Revolutionary speed and accuracy take your photography to a whole new level. The weathersealed E-M1 Mark II is one of Olympus’ fastest and most precise cameras ever, designed to be more powerful and portable than any DSLR.

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