• Uniqueness

    We are now showcasing images made with our unique shooting modes, such as 50MP Handheld High Res Shot, and more!

Interested in having your images featured?
Use @olympus_breakfree and two hashtags "#BreakFree_Olympus", "#UniqueShootingModes (see below)", for a chance to proudly share your work taken with our unique modes-- functions which no other interchangeable-lens cameras have.

@olympus_breakfree &









  • Handheld High Res Shot: #handheldhighresshot
  • Tripod High Res Shot: #tripodhighresshot
  • Live ND: #livend
  • Focus Stacking mode: #focusstacking
  • Live Composite: #livecomposite
  • Pro Capture mode: #procapturemode
  • Starry Sky AF:#starryskyaf
  • Bird detection AF:#birddetectionaf
  • Not all submissions will be featured.
  • Adding comments or hashtags detailing the camera model or lens makes submissions more likely to be featured.
  • Please note that participants will not be contacted prior to their feature.
  • The copyrighted works and portraits in the submissions shall be copyrighted by the person themselves or have obtained prior consent from the rights holder. Please note that the secretariat will not be held responsible for any trouble due to the photos you post.

Pashadelic Founder & Outdoor Photographer Kenji Yamamura in conversation with two photographers who were invited to try out the OM-D and M.Zuiko lens system for the first time. Here they give their frank impressions of their experiences with the OM-D.